Chemistry Is Out Of This World!

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Humankind has always strived to unlock the celestial secrets of our closest planetary neighbor. We have come a long way since early astronomers gazed through simple telescopes and theorized about massive canals on the Red Planet. Orbital satellites have begun to map its surface in detail and nuclear-powered rovers are working to unlock the chemical and geologic secrets. Celebrate National

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Project SEED 50th Anniversary

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The ACS Project SEED celebrated it’s 50th anniversary of helping economically disadvantaged high school students by providing summer research opportunities with local institutions. Western Maryland Section Councilor Dr. Peggy Biser serves on the Project SEED committee and was part of the celebration. More information can be found at

CCED 2018 Poetry Contest

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The Western Maryland Section will be hosting a Chemists Celebrate Earth Day illustrated poetry contest along with the National Society. This year’s theme is “Dive into Marine Chemistry.” The contest is open to any K-12 student. Local Section schools should be receiving a packet in the mail this week and the included materials are attached here if your school or

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2018 USNCO

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The Western Maryland Section will be participating in the 2018 United States National Chemistry Olympiad. Local Science teachers should have received a packet containing the materials linked below. If you are a teacher and would like to have students participate in the Local Exam, please complete and mail in the registration from below or complete it on-line at Chemistry Olympiad Local

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Chemistry Olympiad Local Exam

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Are you a High School teacher in western Maryland or the surrounding counties in Pennsylvania or West Virginia? Do you have students that would like to compete in the Chemistry Olympiad? Please complete the form below to register by Feb. 28, 2018.

Dr. Don Weser in C&EN Magazine

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Dr. Don Weser of the Local Section was featured in the October 17, 2016, Chemical & Engineering News artilce “Members for Life.” He shares why he has been an active ACS member for over 35 years. The article can be found at